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Welcome to the Home page of our Web Site!. First of all, do not get frustrated if all the links to the other pages do not work properly, because our Site is being built "on line", and is under constant construction, some things may, or may not work from time to time. If you have not been here for a while then it is worth having a look to see whats been added or changed. Things are normally being added or changed on a regular basis.

If you want to contact us, then you can, either by phone or E-Mail by following the Links in the "Contact Information" section below. Our Island Radio hope to have most of this Web Site online all of the time. If you have reached this site through East End Radio, Sound System Hire.Com, and need further information about these services then, for now, contact us by phone or E-mail, and if you have the time, you can even write to us. (Remember writing?)


Our Mission

To continue to campaign for a Local Community Radio Station for the older people living in and around The Isle Of Wight.
To provide high quality Sound, Disco and Multi Media related services throughout The Isle Of Wight and the surrounding areas.
To provide Practical training in DJ and Radio Presentation skills, including the types of, and "hands on" use of studio, radio and entertainment related equipment including, Sound, Lighting and Power.
To constantly try to consult with, reveiw and update the services we offer to our existing and prospective customers.


Company Profile

Our Island Radio is owned by East End Radio. East End Radio was born out of the ashes of Leyton Radio, which was originally set up way back when to campaign for a Radio Station to serve the East London area. These days, due to East End Radio and other's campaigning, there are lot,s of Local Community Radio Station's thoughout the whole of London.
As well as campaigning for a radio station in the East End for many years, East End Radio also provided professional Sound Systems, Discos, Radio Broadcasting services and many other entertainment related services to local organisations and individuals.
Some of the services We offer are, training in DJ and Radio presentation skills, the set up and use of digital technology in the Disco, Radio Broadcast and recording studio enviroments.
Our Island Radio supply the same professional services as East End Radio for The Island, such as Sound and Lighting, professional Disco's, DJ's, Compares and Presenters, etc, for almost any event or venue.


Contact Information

01983 299604
OUR ISLAND RADIO, CS1, Osborne Business Park, York Avenue, East Cowes, I.O.W, PO32 6JU
General Information: info@ourislandradio.co.uk
Sales: sales@ourislandradio.co.uk
Customer Support: faq@ourislandradio.co.uk
Webmaster: webmaster@ourislandradio.co.uk


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